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France, Monaco

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

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Just a few steps from the famous Monte Carlo Casino, we find one of the jewels of the renowned Société des Bains de Mer : the Hotel Hermitage. Facing a small square, the Hermitage rises up, proud of its 114 year longevity. Built in neoclassical style during the Belle Epoque period, it is more than a hotel; it’s a veritable historic monument. Refinement and a carefree art de vivre reign supreme here. Guests are struck by the hotel’s subtly and tactfully cultivated romantic charm. The Hermitage is the epitome of discreet luxury with a delicate and filtered atmosphere. The pastel colors highlight the feeling of being in a gentle, reassuring bubble. The same impression can be felt in the Vistamar, the Hermitage’s gastronomic restaurant, the Crystal lounge bar and the Limun bar. Wherever you are in the hotel, the same Monaco traditions of luxury and savoir-vivre prevail.


The Principality of Monaco is a city-state, the second smallest after the Vatican and the world’s most densely populated country. But these statistics of course, say nothing about the Principality’s true essence: a very special idea of luxury and glamour. Monaco fascinates people because it is the embodiment of the Côte D’Azur dream. The increasing number of visitors here is reflected for example, in the scores of tourists heading for the renowned Monte Carlo Casino.

Monaco represents an art de vivre and a vision of luxury that can be found in the picturesque streets of the old quarter at the end of which, from above the famous Monaco Rock, one can observe the changing of the guard, hoping to see the Prince himself leaving the palace. Monaco is a living fantasy which continues to overwhelm visitors while keeping its historical heritage intact. It is truly a timeless and magical land.

Refinement et romanticism

Located a few steps from its neighbor, the Hotel de Paris, the Hermitage rises up a bit higher in the center of a small square overlooking the Mediterranean. The neoclassical style building dates back to the Belle Epoque, and its white façade is almost blinding under the Principality’s bright sun.

Entering the Hermitage is synonymous with leaving the city and entering a world of romanticism and refined luxury. The classic sober charm of the marble lobby is a comforting and cozy space. We discover an establishment in pastel colors with an elegant décor and surprising details wherever one looks.

Far from a detail but equally surprising is the Belle Epoque restaurant, one of the hotel’s historic jewels. The magnificent frescoed ceiling by Gabriel Ferrer was inspired Francois Boucher’s and Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s Florentine Graces. The delicately decorated and grandiose room captures the timeless spirit of the hotel where old world charm and modern comfort live in harmony.

The other treasure of the Hermitage is in the hotel’s second lobby : the Winter Garden hall by Gustave Eiffel. This architectural masterpiece is a structure in the shape of an umbrella which was enhanced during the 1970s thanks to pastels, gold furnishings and new lighting. It is a veritable haven of calm and serenity. The past and the present come together here in a blend of colors and enchanting materials.

The 278 rooms and suites capture this emotion, especially the jewels of the hotel in terms of accommodations, the 12 Diamond Suites where space, luxury and unforgettable moments are all rolled into one. Emotion is the key word at the Hermitage which can be seen in the faces of the overwhelmed and curious guests. Dinner at the Vistamar, the one star Michelin Guide gastronomic restaurant for example, is a unique experience. The view from the terrace which faces the port and the famous Monaco Rock is totally uninterrupted, and the dishes prepared by chef Joel Garault are truly unforgettable.

The Hermitage assures guests of discreet luxury with romance as a leitmotif. A gentle art de vivre offers guests an enchanting pause from the outside world in this privileged venue where the past blends elegantly with the contemporary.

Since its creation, the Hermitage has continued to grow. The interior spaces are larger making it more attractive to tourists as well as business travelers. Its primary attractions however, are the 7 terraces and gardens which enhance the quality of this already extraordinary hotel

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Five stars - Member - Société des Bains de Mer – Prestige - Art de vivre – Refinement - Filtered ambiance – Classic – Romantic – Luxury – Discretion - A 1* Michelin restaurant with panoramic terrace - An historic monument reception room - Winter garden with dome by Gustave Eiffel - Lobby bar - Cocktail bar  - Access to Monte-Carlo Thermal Marine baths  - Access to the Monte-Carlo Beach Club beach (open from April to October- free shuttle service) with children’s club  - Business center - Valet car service


All year round

Number of rooms and suites

278 rooms including 25 suites, 52 junior suites et 9 Diamond Suites


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Nearest airport

Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport - NCE.


Hôtel Hermitage

Square Beaumarchais

MC 98000 Monaco

Principauté de Monaco

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Varied, temperate and generally pleasant climate

Four types of climate : Ocean (in the west of the country), continental in the center and the east, Mediterranean in the southeast as well as a mountain climate

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National identity card or valid passport

No vaccinations necessary


The euro (EUR)

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