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World capital of luxury

In the 18th and 19th century, Dubai was a modest fishing town whose primary activity was pearl fishing. Beginning in the second half of the 20th century, thanks to the discovery of oil and gas, Dubai became so incredibly modern that it is now a futuristic city that seems to have sprung off the pages of a science fiction novel. As a showcase of luxury, decadence and man made technical prowess, this oasis, lost between the desert and the Red Sea, has pushed the limits of what is possible to the extreme with a mad race of more and more daring projects, and an eye towards the 2020 World Exposition.

Let your curiosity tempt you to discover this world that cannot be compared with any other. In Dubai, more than anywhere else, the choice of where to stay is difficult but important, since each hotel here proposes a unique and holistic experience.

Journey into the future

When you first arrive in the heart of the new Dubai, you have the strange sensation of having been parachuted into a futuristic film set. In Jumeirah, the palaces of the sheiks and other emirs stand side by side along the sea with buildings whose architecture is original and surprising to say the least. Among the myriad insane projects that were initiated in this quarter, we find the Burj Al Arab with its symbolic and internationally identifiable sail overlooking the blue waters of the bay. Between the Palm Jumeirah peninsula and the The World archipelago, the Burj Al Arab, is a veritable icon of Dubai and considered the world’s most luxurious hotel. A bit further behind, the Downtown Dubai is a vertical futuristic structure. Skyscraper hotels like the Jumeirah Emirates Tower, The Address Downtown and the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world, are literally vertiginous. For brave or reckless souls, these exceptional venues are ideal refuges for combining business with pleasure.

An escape into the heart of oriental palaces

If you prefer classic elegance and the sensuality of oriental arabesques to gigantic modern skyscrapers, Dubai is far from short of traditional palace hotels. On a property of no less than 40 hectares facing the sea, the Arab citadel of Medinat Jumeirah combines romanticism and tradition. Its private palaces and residences surrounded by palm trees and bordered by canals, as well as its souk are an invitation to an exotic escape and romantic strolls. Facing the Palm Jumeirah peninsula, the One & Only Royal Mirage rivals its neighbors by its splendor and majesty. This sanctuary of well-being and intimacy consisting of The Palace, The Arabian Court and Residence & Spa, is a hotel complex worthy of the opulence of Arab palaces out of A Thousand and One Nights. Its counterpart, the One and Only Palm, nestled on a strip of land in the peninsula has the additional charm of being surrounded by water.

A unique experience

Atlantis, the mysterious and mythical island that sank into the sea and whose inhabitants were the descendants of the god Poseidon, seems to have re-surfaced with all its riches on the Palm of Dubai. More than just a theme hotel, the Atlantis the Palm proposes a veritable experience in a restored mythical world. If you settle into one of its suites in the midst of a labyrinth of aquariums, it’s entirely possible that you won’t want to leave, since the site is inundated with pleasures including an aquatic attraction park, exploring the incredible marine depths and a pool for swimming with the dolphins. In short, a décor sprung from a magnificent dream. A change of mood is represented by the Kempinski and a change of wardrobe as well. Get your mufflers out since this refined hotel with precious marble and carved chandeliers specializes in winter sports!

The flower of the desert

With all these modern complexes, urban eccentricites and coastal opulence, one tends to forget that at the entrance to Dubai is on the edge of an arid desert. On this land burnt by the sun and ideal for treks through the sand dunes, a number of luxurious oases exist. To the south and southeast of the city, the Bab Al Sham, the gate of the sun, and the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa offer guests the unique experience of total immersion into the desert. Inspired by fortified Arab villages and traditional Bedouin camps, these resorts pay tribute to ancestral Arab life, while still assuring guests of total and luxurious comfort.

WHERE ?      

Dubai, the capital of luxury on the coast of the United Arab Emirates. Although it’s not the capital, Dubai is the most well known city with the most important media attention in the Emirates. It’s a city of excess, decadence and the madness of grandeur with an ever increasing number of extravagant projects and an eye towards Expo 2020 Dubai, in addition to the desire to become the world’s number one tourist destination.


To combine business and pleasure and for the love of luxury. To be stunned by man made prowess and technology in this city of a thousand attractions, which has gained as much international admiration as the pyramids of Egypt.


Dubai Airport has the advantage of being in the city, thus facilitating access to the hotels. Regularly scheduled huttle boats in the Dubai Creek connect Deira to Bur Dubai. To move around the city, a taxi is the simplest solution.


The gold souk, the marina, a cruise on the Dubai Creek, Dubai galleries, a trek through the desert, the Jumeirah mosque, a stroll through Bastakiya, the old quarter of Persian merchants, smoke a chicha in the Sheesha Courtyard and spend a night at the Burj Al Arab.


Spices sold in the souks, especially saffron. Fabrics also sold in the souks, a sari or babouche slippers. The best bargains in Dubai are in the area of luxury goods. The price of high fashion articles and gold are much more competitive than in Europe.


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