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Germany, Berlin

Lux 11

4 stars, Confidential, Contemporary, Socializing, Design, Stylish, Historic, Trendy, City, Cultural activities, Business, Bar, Wellness, Gastronomy, Restaurant, Shopping

In the heart of Berlin, the Lux 11 design hotel explodes with flashes of purple light onto the historic quarter of the German capital. Sprung from the imagination of architects Claudio Silverstein and Guilana Salmaso, the Lux’s ultra contemporary style throws a modern veil over this 19th century building. Minimalist, comfortable and sophisticated, the hotel’s 72 rooms break the codes of traditional design with green chiné concrete walls blending with the brightly colored furniture. The totally unorthodox interiors create a cocoon feeling. Chic and trendy, the Hotel Lux 11 is very popular with young Berliners, thanks largely to the most well known disc jockeys it features every evening.


This cosmopolitan, youth and pop culture oriented capital city has been a center of creativity ever since the day Germany was reunified. As a member of UNESCO’s network of creative cities, Berlin has become an internationally renowned destination for art lovers, in the same category as Paris, New York and London. As a meeting point for the latest trends, Berlin’s Fashion Week bears witness to the city’s formidable creative energy in action.

In this innovative and trendy capital city, nightlife is a refuge for the underground scene, centered around the historic Mitte, or central quarter. This former East Berlin neighborhood, abandoned after the Wall came down and which gradually became a beehive of activity for artists, is home to The Treasure, one of the trendiest techno clubs in the city, whose reputation goes beyond the borders of Germany. A visit to the capital would not be complete without a stop at this paragon of Berlin’s nightlife.

A hotel in total contrast

In this highly active Mitte quarter, located in Berlin’s historic area, filled with art galleries, prestigious brand names and restaurants, a 19th century type building appears with its facades in a purplish-pink light. The Hotel Lux 11, very popular with young people and urban nomads, opened in July 2005. Its creator, architect Claudio Silverstrin, is totally at home with the most unusual arrangements. “The interiors of the Lux 11 Berlin-Mitte play with opposites such as hot and cold, smooth and rough, etc.”, London architect Giuliana Salmaso explains. “The concept for the apartments was inspired by traditional Berlin buildings made with wood and concrete.” The attempt to make impersonal materials and contemporary design coexist together via the green colored concrete and the light colored parquet functions beautifully. The contrast and the minimalist décor of the 72 rooms create an atmosphere of serenity and intimacy with an authentic contemporary touch. The hotel’s Luchs restaurant offers a gastronomic Italian-Asian cuisine under the direction of its Chef, Christian Khalaf. The Lux 11 has become a must spot for trendy Berliners who flock there at night to enjoy the music of the city’s finest DJs.

The work of architects Claudio Silverstrin and Giuliana Salmoso is the result of the meeting of two personalities whose partnership is perceived metaphorically as an encounter between stability and movement. Their philosophy can be summed up by this basic precept: “Bombarded by aggressive images, we try to put Man at the center of all attention by stimulating a dormant sensitivity.”


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Four stars / Member World Hotels / Mitte district / Modern, elegant structure / Design / Futuristic / Electric colors / Young, chic clientele / Italian-Asian cuisine, open kitchen to admire the Chef at work / Cocktail bar / Aveda Hairspa / Fashion store Ulf Haines / Shopping / Parties

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

72 rooms and suites


Double occupancy from 126 euros

Nearest airport:

Berlin-Tegel International Airport (TXL)
Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)

Hotel details:

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 9-13
10178 Berlin

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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 1h30

Time difference from Paris:

Pas de décalage horaire

No time difference


Continental avec des étés chauds (surtout dans le sud) et des hivers assez rudes (surtout dans le nord)

Continental with warm summers (especially in the south) and fairly severe winters in the north

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National ID card or valid passport

No visa required


Euro (EUR)

Languages spoken:

German, English

French in large cities and at tourist sites

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