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Bolivia, Lapaz

Stannum Boutique Hotel

4 stars, Boutique hotel, Contemporary, Design, Glamorous, Mountain, City, Business, Bar, Restaurant

Stannum is the Latin word for tin, a metal that was extracted in the past from mines situated around La Paz and which gave this region its wealth. The name of the hotel is therefore a tribute to La Paz’s past, a reference to a history which today has taken the path of luxury without forgetting its roots. The Stannum is the standard bearer of a new vision of the Bolivian hotel industry in that it has no qualms about being contemporary in style. Design is the order of the day and is anchored in international standards of luxury. Daring and finesse work hand in hand in this original concept of elegance in a country which could very soon become one of the key tourist venues in South America.

La Paz

Before being colonized by the Europeans, Bolivia was the domain of the legendary Incan Empire. In 1809 Bolivia gained its independence although it wasn’t until 16 years of war came to an end that the republic was declared.

The country has an extremely varied geography with high mountains (the Cordillera des Andes), plains and plateaus (the Altiplano), virgin forests (the Amazon) and wooded forests in the Gran Chaco. This diversity can also be found in the multi-ethnic population of the country which includes Amerindians, mixed race Mestizos, Europeans, Asians and Africans and where 37 official languages are spoken!

The Altiplano, the region where Bolivia’s administrative capital, La Paz is located, is a high plain in the heart of the Cordillera des Andes. It’s the highest inhabited region in the world after the Tibetan plateau, and La Paz is the world’s highest capital city.

A well situated boutique hotel nestled in the mountains !

Located on the 12th floor of a building dedicated to entertainment and diversion, the Stannum Boutique Hotel is not only well situated in terms of its beautiful views of La Paz and the magnificent mountains surrounding it. In addition, it provides visitors with access to a wide range of activities. On the ground floor, there is an American style mall with 11 movie theatres, restaurants, cafes, a gym and game areas not to mention banks and other nearby services.

The Stannum is a 20 room boutique hotel where comfort, elegance and design reign supreme. From the lobby onward, guests feel as if they are in a comfortable bubble surrounded by contemporary colors and non invasive modern style furniture. The Stannum links the past and the future with an emphasis on history, as indicated by its name. Stannum is the Latin name for tin, a metal once extracted from neighboring mines. By naming it after this metal, the hotel pays tribute to its past and the people of La Paz who enable today’s visitors to become the wealth of tomorrow in this constantly evolving country.

The Stannum’s rooms are designed to please an international clientele accustomed to the highest standards. They are perfectly organized with unforgettable views of the El Plano Mountains.

A zen like serenity reigns supreme. Although located in a hyperactive quarter, the Stannum offers a venue dedicated to peace and relaxation. Precious  fabrics and materials and the latest in technology impress even the most seasoned travellers.

The Stannum possesses a lounge bar restaurant, the Doce where food and drinks are served at any time of day or night. The cuisine is international, and the chef is available 24/7.

The Stannum represents a new type of hotel in La Paz in that it is resolutely modern, trendy and international, offering guests a contemporary and design version of Peruvian luxury, demonstrating to the world that Bolivia is becoming a major tourist destination.

The very design aspect of the hotel is the work of Jorge Avila of A2 Architects and Nholra Quinteros of  C.NCQ Design, decorators who work a great deal in the United States, the Caribbean and Chile.

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Four stars, Luxury, Warmth, Design, Contemporary, Boutique hotel, Glamour, Technology, View, Elegant, Business center, Lounge bar restaurant, Access to boutiques, cinemas, gym, Babysitting available, Comfort, 2 restaurants, Family friendly


All year round

Number of rooms and suites

20 rooms


From 130 €                                                                         

Nearest airport

El Alto International Airport - LPB.



Avenida Arce No. 2631, Torre Multicine, Piso 12


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Approximately 16 hours


-  6h in summer, - 5h in winter.


Climate in Bolivia depends a great deal on the region although globally the best time for visiting is the dry season from April through October.

In the Altiplano :

Above an altitude of 3,000 meters, the dry season lasts from April or May to October or November. This is the best time to visit.

In July and August, nights can be cold.

Rain is frequent during the summer (from November to March).

Valleys in the center of the country have a temperate climate with mild weather during the day and fairly cold evenings.

The Amazon and the Eastern plains

The Amazon and the Eastern plains have very hot winters broken up by cold spells caused by icy Patagonian winds.


Passport valid 6 months after date of return.

For a  90 day stay : visa.

No required vaccination although Yellow Fever is recommended (indispensable for visits to the Amazon regions). Also recommended are Hepatitis A, Rabies, Dengue Fever and Malaria.


The boliviano (BS).


Spanish, Aymara, Leko, Chiquitano, Moré, Baure, Araona, Cayubab.

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