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Australia, Via Hawker

Rawnsley Park Station

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The Rawnsley Park Station in the desert like lands of the Australian bush, more commonly known as the Outback, is an authentic breeding farm transformed into a luxurious campsite. It’s the ideal place to discover the region’s wild fauna and the majestic Flinders Ranges. The 29,000 hectare property offers visitors a variety of accommodations ranging from trailers to luxury villas, all of which strictly respect the environment. The eight eco-villas possess contemporary furniture, the latest ecological innovations and a magnificent view of the immense Wilpena Pound. The height of luxury is probably the view of the starry sky from one’s bed through the transparent glass roof. In a décor symbolic of a site off the beaten track like the Outback, guests can enjoy “oz” type cuisine, a fusion of European and Asian culinary influences and authentic southern Australian wines all served in direct contact with nature.

The Outback

In the heart of the semi-arid back country or Outback region of Australia, the vast plains of Adelaide reveal landscapes of ochre colored clay once inhabited by the Kaurnas aborigines whose people lived in this hostile territory for generations. From these desert lands, one can see the undulating relief of the majestic Flinders Ranges.

Over a 400 kilometer stretch, the Flinders deploys its purple projections from the Port Pirie region to the banks of the dried up Lake Callabonna, near the Queensland border. A favorite spot for hikers, the Flinders contains a great many paths and trails ideal for discovering the local fauna and the sumptuous landscapes of the Australian bush. Climbing the 1,170 meter Sainte-Marie peak, the highest summit in the chain, rewards climbers with a panoramic view of the natural amphitheatre formed by Wilpena Pound an immense 80 square kilometre basin, without doubt the most famous site in southern Australia. The region, once the property Adnyamathaha aborigines, literally “people of the rocks”, evicted by the first European settlers, is full of engravings and rock paintings bearing witness to the presence of prehistoric man.

At the foot of the majestic Flinders Ranges

Opposite the southern face of Wilpena Pound, the Rawnsley Park Station dominates the desertlike remote Outback landscape. Owners Tony and Julieanne Smith transformed this former sheep-raising farm on the Arkaba site, the first cattle station in the region dating back to 1851, into a luxurious encampment and ideal starting point for the conquest of Flinders Ranges. Given the name of Rawnsle yPark in 1963, the property’s 29,000 hectares received its first visitors five years later in small bungalows to be complemented later on with new types of dwellings ranging from mobile homes to eco-villas and luxurious properties.

Totally made out of corrugated metal, the Woolshed Restaurant directed by Jon and Sally Dean specializes in high quality Australian cuisine with touches of numerous multi-cultural influences, more commonly known as Mad Oz.

At the foot of the Flinders Mountains, in a typical Outback décor and a warm, cozy atmosphere, visitors can taste authentic southern Australian wines under the stars.

Located about 30 kilometers south of Rawnsley Park Station, the city of Hawker provides numerous activities and services including shops, galleries, pubs cafes and a petrol station. For visitors who want to venture even further off the beaten path, flights over the Arkaroola or Lake Eyre among other sites are available.

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Luxury eco-villas / « Flinders Ranges » site / Traditional Australian farm / Aboriginal culture / Near naturel reserve / Cozy / Restaurant with modern Australian cuisine / Outdoor dining / Family getaway / Outdoor swimming pool / Hiking / Hot-air balloon excursions

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

8 villas


Double occupancy from 100 euros

Nearest airport:

Adelaide International Airport (ADL) - West Beach

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Wilpena Road

Via Hawker

South Australia 5434

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Flight time from Paris:

21 to 24 hours

Time difference from Paris

Australia is in three time zones:
- Western Standard Time: +7h
- Central Standard Time: +8h30
- Eastern Standard Time: +9


Two main types of climate: Tropical in the North and temperate in the South

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Valid passport six months after return date
For a visit of less than three months, electronic authorization required
This visa (E-Visitor) is free of charge and available only on the internet and only from abroad. Requests should be addressed to www.immi.gov.au)
No vaccinations reauired


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