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Germany, Berlin

Hotel Q!

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In the center of Berlin, the design hotel known as the Q explodes onto the upper class atmosphere of the historic quarter of the German capital. Sprung from the imagination of the Graft architectural firm, this boutique hotel presents a daring semi-futuristic aesthetic, plunging its visitors into a sinuous universe with curved and fluid lines on the walls, from the lobby to the ceiling, creating the illusion of a building in constant motion. Minimalist, elegant and spacious, the hotel’s 77 rooms are decorated in neutral tones throwing a veil of discretion over this must see address in Berlin. Since 2004, the hotel’s bar welcomes celebrities in search of intimacy and discretion. Accessible only to members, the Bar Q is undoubtedly the “in” place to visit in Berlin.


On Thursday evening, November 9th, 1989, thousands of German citizens hurried to the passage points marking the separation between East and West Berlin after the West German government media announced the opening of the Berlin « wall of shame». The newly united city would now become the capital of a reunified Germany which could look to the future with hope and begin the reconstruction process which continues to this day. Stigmatized for years by its tormented history, Berlin has once again become a cosmopolitan metropolis and a paradise for young people and for German pop culture. A number of neighborhoods abandoned after the tearing down of the wall are now the subject of architectural projects as ambitious as they are innovative, demonstrating that Berlin is a city determined to become more and more contemporary. The buildings partially damaged by the war in Mitte, the central quarter of the capital, welcomes members of the underground scene and other alternative movements, bearing witness to the capital’s cultural rebirth.

A hotel with undulating curves

Very near the Kurfürstendamm, the emblematic boulevard of the German capital which, since 1920, has been home to a huge number of deluxe brand names and restaurants, the Q Hotel, opened in 2004, with its fluid and undulating curves sprung from the imagination of Graft offices architectural team in close cooperation with the site’s owner, Wolfgang Loock. The idea was to combine a futuristic design and zenlike comfort. From the common areas painted in red to the “marmoleum” colored halls, the interiors were all designed to create a continuing flow of shapes and spaces. The result is striking, as there is no right angle anywhere. Fluid lines and curves dominate throughout the entire structure, creating the feeling of a place in perpetual movement. As one crosses the threshold of the hotel, the filtered atmosphere is a gentle invitation to relaxation.

The incandescent lighting in the lobby gives way to sensual, neutral tones in the rooms, which are decorated with material such as imitation white ostrich leather and smooth, satinlike fabrics. It’s not surprising that the Hotel Q has become a home away from home to a great many celebrities. The Bar Q is only accessible to members, and cameras are forbidden in order to guarantee total privacy. Members need only show their cards.

The bar of the hotel is a must destination for trendy Berliners”, according to Lena Zahradnik, the hotel’s special events coordinator. “Our clientele consists mainly of people belonging to what we call the 5Ms…media, music, money, movies and mode.”

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Five stars / Futuristic / Intimist / Restaurant with healthy Asian, Latin-American & European cuisine / Bar Q! Institution / Spa / Gym / Nintendo wii in suites / iPod dock in rooms

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

77 rooms and penthouse


Double occupancy from 99 euros

Nearest airport:

Tegel International Airport (TXL) - Berlin

Schönefeld International Airport (SXF) - Berlin

Hotel details:


Knesebeckstr. 67

10623 Berlin


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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 1h30

Time difference from Paris:

Pas de décalage horaire

No time difference


Continental avec des étés chauds (surtout dans le sud) et des hivers assez rudes (surtout dans le nord)

Continental with warm summers (especially in the south) and fairly severe winters in the north

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National ID card or valid passport

No visa required


Euro (EUR)

Languages spoken:

German, English

French in large cities and at tourist sites

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