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Italy, Syracuse

Caol Ishka Hotel

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Ideally located two kilometers from the Sicilian city of Syracuse, the Caol Ishka is a veritable haven of peace. This boutique hotel, whose name signifies “the sound of water” in Gaelic, is situated on an old Sicilian farm, at the mouths of two rivers. Entirely renovated, it now successfully combines the traditional and the modern, elegance and simplicity. The style of the hotel’s ten rooms is both contemporary and Baroque. Ultra modern lamps and design armchairs blend perfectly with mirrors decorated with gold and sparkling chandeliers. Some of the rooms have a small balcony with a view of the city and the seafront, and even a charming veranda ideal for sunbathing. The large swimming pool in a magnificent garden, the Zafferino Bistrot with its typically Sicilian cuisine, the charming hotel staff, a modern, warm design and proximity to the beaches make the chic and sober Caol Ishka Hotel the ideal spot for a vacation of simple luxury.


An ancient city par excellence, Syracuse amazes visitors by its architectural wealth. Founded in 734 B.C., it was undoubtedly the most brilliant occidental Greek colony and sought after for along time by the Romans. Cicero called it the most beautiful city in the world. Especially rich in Greek and Roman ruins, the city’s historical center was declared a UNESCO world heritage in 2005.

In order to fully appreciate the city’s numerous treasures, another site is an absolute must: Ortigia, a small island south of Syracuse which possesses the ruins of the temple of Apollo as well as the temple of Athena which is now the nave of the Syracuse cathedral. Also worth discovering is the Piazza Archimedes, in honor of the famous physicist who lived in the city, with its superb Artemis fountain. The archaeological park of Neapolis contains many splendid remains, including a Roman amphitheatre where gladiators fought against lions, and the celebrated Latomies, the ancient stone quarries of which the “Latomie of Paradise” is one of the most beautiful examples. But the most impressive monument is the 5th century B.C. Greek theatre which was frequented by Plato himself among others. Even today, it bears witness to the genius of the ancient Greeks.

An incredible breath of fresh air

Ideally located two kilometers from the historical center of the city, the Coal Ishka Hotel is a true haven of peace. Situated on a totally renovated former Sicilian farm, the hotel has many surprises in store for its guests. First of all, its name does not sound Italian at all! Actually, Coal Ishka means the flow of water in Gaelic, and the choice of name seems totally justified considering the fact that it’s on the banks of the Anapo River and very close to the Mediterranean.

Although the exterior of the hotel charms visitors by its elegant simplicity, the presence of trees, an immense grass lawn bordering the swimming pool and the pleasant smell of aromatic plants, the interior is totally different. The hotel places the accent on decorations, which combine classic modern styles. Its ten rooms associate the contemporary design of the lamps, chairs and armchairs with gilded Baroque style mirrors and sparkling chandeliers. Some of the rooms have small balconies with a view of the city and the sea front. Others have a charming veranda, ideal for sunbathing. Sight however, is not the only sense highlighted by the Coal Ishka. Taste is also emphasized in this four star hotel in the Zafferano Bistro, which proposes typically Sicilian cuisine using only top quality ingredients. The Chef is only too happy to add his own modern touches to the dishes in order to surprise and delight even the most discerning palates.

The ancient “Latomie of Paradise” contains a grotto called, the “Ear of Denys”. Legend has it that it was named after the tyrant, Denys the Elder, who would lock his prisoners up inside and take advantage of the incredible acoustics of the place to listen in and spy on them!

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Four stars / Boutique hotel / Traditional Sicilian farm / Contemporary design / Near the Fiume Ciane nature reserve / Retreat / Relaxation / Mediterranean gardens / Outdoor swimming pool / Traditional Sicilian restaurant / Bar & Lounge Bar / Land & water excursions

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

10 rooms


Double occupancy from 150 euros

Nearest airport:

Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (CTA) - Catania

Hotel details:


Via elorina

154 contrada Pantanelli

96100 Siracusa



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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 2 hours

Time difference from Paris:

No time difference


Mediterranean climate with mild winter temperatures (about 13°C) and limited precipitation. In spring and autumn, rain is more frequent, but temperatures remain pleasant (17°C). Summer temperatures can reach 30°C. The most popular tourist periods are from May to June and September

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National ID card or valid passport

No vaccinations required


The euro (EUR)

Languages spoken:

Italian (official language)

German spoken in the High Adige region

French and English generally spoken by the staffs of hotels and at tourist sites.

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