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United Republic Of Tanzania, Zanzibar

Baraza Resort & Spa

5 stars, Boutique hotel, Colonial, Historic, Romantic, Traditional, Private villas, Seaside, Hideaway , Luxuriant nature, Cultural activities, Sports activities, Business, Bar, Wellness, Wedding & Honeymoon, Gastronomy, Eco-friendly, Family friendly, Gardens, Swimming pool, Beach, Diving, Restaurant, Spa

The magnificent property of the Bazara resort is located on the immaculate Bwejuu beach in Zanzibar. The traditional architecture and honey color of the resort invokes the island’s rich past. Just an hour’s drive from Stone Town, the thirty sumptuous villas are spread throughout a luxuriant garden, creating a universe worthy of A Thousand and One Nights. The refined décor with Arab, Persian and Indian influences offers guests total comfort. Hidden behind the flamboyant bougainvilleas, the spa with its filtered ambiance, proposes unique Indian, Thai or Balinese treatments in a Swahili décor. The resort has three restaurants: the “Livingstone Terrace” for breakfast, the “Ocean Lounge” for lunch, and for dinner, the “Sultan” which proposes traditional Swahili specialties with a variety of Arab and Indian touches.


Just 40 kilometers from the coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, we find the coral islands of the Zanzibar archipelago which belong to Tanzania. At the crossroads of maritime routes, Unguja and its sister island Pemba, have for centuries attracted navigators, merchants and explorers from all over the world. Trading in spices, gold, ivory and later in slaves, made the archipelago very powerful during the Middle Ages. Persians from the kingdom of Shiraz, Bantus from Africa, Arabs from Oman followed by the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the British all succeeded each other leaving a little bit of themselves behind. These diverse influences have enriched the archipelago greatly. We find them in the language, the architecture and the culture. On the small streets of the old quarters of Zanzibar City, like Stone Town, a UNESCO world heritage, we find a wide variety of local markets, numerous mosques and magnificent Arab homes with their famous carved wooden doors with bronze decorations. Built with coral stone, most of them date back to the 19th century and are a blend of Swahili, Omani, British and Indian styles. In the north of the city, numerous remains of sultans’ palaces bear witness to the grandeur of Zanzibar during its golden years.

Other, more natural attractions throughout the archipelago are its sand beaches, and to the delight of diving enthusiasts, transparent lagoons and coral reefs, the archipelago’s famous spice growing plantations and its rare and endemic fauna including the red colobus monkey and giant turtles.

A property worth of a sultan

Along the immaculate Bweju Beach, we find the forgotten property of a sultan. The traditional architecture and the honey color of the Baraza Resort and Spa invoke the island’s rich past, when the spice trade flourished.

Just an hour from the Stone Town road, the 30 villas spread throughout a lush garden, create a universe worthy of A Thousand and One Nights. The variety of Arab, Persian and Indian influences are omnipresent. Here, one finds nothing but sculpted arches, ivory arabesques, opulent fabrics, net curtains, marble and copper. Tooled brass lamps exist side by side with sculpted wood, gold colored fabrics and tones of beige and caramel.

On each terrace, an outdoor bed invites guests to relax alongside a private pool. And if you prefer swimming a few lengths, simply head for the immense swimming pool surrounded by white arcades and palm trees. After a day of kite or wind surfing, the ideal destination is the Frangipani Spa. Hidden behind the flamboyant bougainvilleas and in a Swahili décor, it offers treatments from India, Thailand and Bali.

As for meals, each moment of the day has its own special site. Breakfast is served on the Livingston Terrace. A light lunch can be enjoyed at the Ocean Lounge Bar near the swimming pool, and for dinner, the Sultan restaurant proposes traditional Swahili cuisine combined with Arab and Indian influences and of course, a great many local spices.

A baraza is a semi-circular stone bench placed in front of houses for group meetings. People sit there to discuss a variety of subjects. They can be found everywhere in Stone Town, and in all Zanzibar villages.

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Five-star class / Boutique resort / Fine white sand beaches / Two restaurants & one table d’hôtes with Indian, Persian, Asian, Swahili & international cuisine / Two Lounge Bars / Outdoor swimming pools / Spa / Fitness center / Tennis court / Water sports club / Kids club / Babysitting service / Library / Environmentally committed / Half board

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

30 villas


Double occupancy from 200 euros on half-board

Nearest airport:

Zanzibar Airport (ZNZ) - Zanzibar

Dar-es-Salaam Airport (DIA) - Tanzania

Hotel details:


P. O. Box 2284



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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 10 hours

Time difference from Paris

+ 1 hour in summer / + 2 hours in winter


Tropical temperate climate inland and on the high plateaus
Humid equatorial climate on the coast

Necesssary travel documents for French nationals:

Valid passport six months after return date
Visa required (purchased upon arrival or at an embassy)
No required vaccinations although yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis A shots are advised


The Tanzanian shilling (TZS)

Languages spoken

Swahili, English and different local dialects

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Baraza Resort & Spa


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