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Hungary, Budapest

Lanchid 19 Design Hotel

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The Lanchid 19 design hotel, in the shadow of Budapest’s Castle Hill, explodes onto the peaceful and silent atmosphere the Hungarian capital’s historic quarter. Sprung from the imagination of the architectural trio of Peter Sugar, Laszlo Benzur and Laszlo Kara, this trendy and daringly Art Deco establishment plunges visitors into a somewhat off the wall universe. Whimsical and colorful, the hotel’s 45 green, neon lit rooms cast a modern veil over this sleepy quarter of the city. The high tech, vividly colored ambiance even carries over to the hotel staff. Original and non-conformist, the spirit of the Lanchid 19 is also present in its gastronomy which contains distinct Hungarian overtones. The hotel is an ideal address for urban nomads in search of the original and the sensational.

Buda and Pest

On the eastern bank of the Danube, peaceful Buda with its old, narrow winding streets, stately houses and medieval buildings give the quarter the feeling of a sleepy Baroque citadel. From the heights of the Castle Hill to the lanes of the Vérmez Park, a gentle romantic feeling envelops the entire area. After crossing the Chain Bridge to the west bank of the river, the visitor enters a totally different atmosphere.

Pest, the economic center of the Hungarian capital, is vibrant, bustling and dynamic. The wide boulevards contain luxury brand boutiques, and music can be heard everywhere, from the café terraces to the most remote city square. Art nouveau is everywhere as well. Life is animated and intense, although Pest can also provide a gentle and peaceful atmosphere. In the shadow of its facades, the quarter reveals an unexpected, almost secret ambience, that of its interior courtyards, after crossing the threshold of certain buildings.

A revitalizing design hotel

A glass cube using a daring play of light illuminates the evening at the foot of the Castle Hill. “Daring” is an understatement, since in the Buda quarter, modern facades are rare and difficult to establish in a landscape dominated by very 19th century classical architecture. Needless to say, the recently opened Lanchid 19 Design Hotel with its mobile façade does not go unnoticed on this side of the Danube. Opened in 2007, the hotel is almost a provocation, as if architects Peter Sugàr and Làszlo Benczur were snubbing their noses at this seemingly lethargic quarter. The hotel is a revitalizing breath of fresh air for Buda. Its 45 rooms are totally design, high-tech and a bit off the wall, with green neon lighting, fuchsia colored furniture, scarlet red bathrooms and floral frescoes. This Art Déco universe is even visible in the outfits worn by the personnel and created by the biggest names in Hungarian high fashion.

The artistic and contemporary spirit of the Lanchid 19 Design Hotel is present in its gastronomy as well. The L19 restaurant, specializing in Hungarian dishes gives dining a very special “taste”.

A glass floor enables guests to observe, from the hall, the remains of an ancient Roman water tower located in the basement, creating a daring contrast with the modern décor of the atrium.

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Four stars / Member Design Hotels / High tech / Art deco / Shopping & business district / Gastronomic restaurant / Lobby bar / Massage upon request / Babysitting service

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

45 rooms and 3 panorama suites


Double occupancy from 105 euros

Nearest airport:

Budapest-Ferihegy Airport (BUD) - Budapest

Hotel details:

LÁNCHÍD 19 design hotel****

H-1013 Budapest, Lánchíd u. 19


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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 2 hours

Time difference from Paris:

No time change


Moderate continental climate with severe winters (0°C to 10°C) and warm summers averaging 23°C

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National ID card or valid passport

No vaccinations required


The Hungarian forint (HUF)

Languages spoken:


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