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Spain, Ibiza

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel

4 stars, Boutique hotel, Socializing, Cozy, Stylish, Partying, Glamorous, Jet set, Island, Bar, Wellness, Gastronomy, Getaway, Night club, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Spa

The Rocks House at Pikes on the west coast of the “torrid” island of Ibiza opens on the small and lively village of Sant Antoni. This legendary hotel offers its guests a festive and glamorous retreat on the beach of what is known as “the queen of the night.” The 25 sober, elegant and design rooms and suites decorated with antique furniture, provide totally upscale comfort. The walls have preserved their original spirit, casting a veil of nostalgia over this address sprung from the imagination of the capricious Tony Pike. Luxury, partying, subtle debauchery and flashiness make the Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes the world capital of night clubbing, enhanced by the presence of the most famous international disc jockeys.

San Antoni

Spain is a promised land for the demanding traveller. Sunny beaches? No problem: Head for the Costa del Sol. Too many people, too much concrete? Try some of the hidden corners of the Balearic Islands. Traditional culture? Seville, Cordoba and Granada just to mention a few. Unforgettable evenings in a modern, urban environment: Barcelona’s the place to be. In short, whatever you’re looking for in Spain, you’ll find it and more. This passionate, vibrant country attracts tourists like a magnet. And if you’re fond of beaches and amplified music, there’s a less hidden spot in the Balearic Islands that’s just for you. Ibiza is the embodiment of discos and night clubbing for visitors from all over the world. Forget the hidden island coves. Ibiza is the capital of partying and trendy clubs. Nobody comes here for rest and relaxation but for the euphoria of long, exciting nights at places that have created the living myth of Ibiza, like many of its clubs and a hotel near the village of Sant Antoni, which is a legend in its own right.

More than a hotel, a founding myth

A little history to begin with… Before becoming Ibiza Rocks House at Pike’s Hotel in 2011, this traditional 15th century house was just Pike’s Hotel. The stories about this boutique hotel are endless and legendary, forming an important part of Ibiza’s history. Tony Pike, a globetrotter and adventurer, discovered the site in 1978 and immediately fell in love with it. Contrary to legend, Tony Pike is not Australian but English. It’s not all that important, but it’s just one of the anecdotes that circulates around this hedonist and lover of women who decided to create a hotel for partying. Success came very quickly when a record company in search of a location for a video clip for the group Wham. Pike’s was chosen, and it became the symbol of partying and debauchery. Its reputation was so great that Julio Iglesias, a regular guest, had to personally invite the chief of police here to convince him that there was nothing illegal going on at Pikes. The new owners have renovated the place but decided to preserve the spirit that has existed here for more than thirty years. We therefore discover a glamorous and elegant atmosphere, ideal for celebrities of all kinds. Each room is arranged differently with old furniture, visible beams and strange original objects. The swimming pools and terraces are key spots for a little good-humored relaxation. And although Tony Pike has passed on the baton, his spirit continues to live on within these walls which bear witness to the parties that the island is not likely to forget.

One party that lives in the memory of Ibiza was organized by Freddie Mercury the lead singer of Queen. He reserved the entire hotel and spent a fortune to celebrate his 41st birthday in 1987. Freddie’s Bar was named in his memory.

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Four stars / Member Luxe Hotels Worldwide / San Antoni / Ibiza institution / Themed rooms / / Outdoor terrace / Restaurant with creative English cuisine / Poolside bar / Bar & Nightclub / Private after parties / Spa treatments / Detox / Yoga classes

When open:

Open from May to mid-October

Number of rooms and suites:

25 rooms, suites and residence


Double occupancy from 199 euros

Nearest airport:

Ibiza Airport (IBZ) - Ibiza

Hotel details:


Camí de Sa Vorera

s/n 07820

San Antoni



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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 2 hours

Time difference from Paris:

 No time difference

Type of climate:

Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters

Possibility of rain in spring and autumn

Travel requirements for European Community members:

Identity card or valid passport

No vaccinations required


Euro (EUR)


Catalan, Castillan

French spoken at tourist sites

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