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Maldives, North Male Atoll

Huvafen Fushi

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The 47 bungalows and pavilions of the Huvafen Fushi resort hotel are spread over the length of a jade colored lagoon in the heart of the Maldives archipelago. The daring design of this luxury boutique hotel with its wonderfully tropical charm, plunges guests into a totally transparent universe. The elegant and spacious rooms, decorated with contemporary furniture, possess every possible high tech comfort. Connected to the beach by a private access, the Ocean pavilions have a cocoon like atmosphere, casting a veil of romance over this little corner of paradise. From the crystalline salons of the underwater spa to the restaurant, the Huvafen Fushi celebrates the gentleness of island life and promises guests magnificent moments of solitude in an idyllic décor.

A dreamlike archipelago

Although the Maldives is a favorite destination for newlyweds and all tourists seeking a magical and serene place for a vacation, this idyllic archipelago could disappear one day as a result of rising ocean water due to global warming. The time to act is now. Local authorities have been aware of the problem for a long time and impose very precise conditions on the hotel builders in the archipelago. This is why most tourists are fascinated by the fact that the natural landscape has been respected, and that the hotels on the vast majority of the islands are in perfect harmony with their environment. This philosophy, embedded in the minds of the local inhabitants, enables visitors to spend a vacation in the heart of sites where the flora and fauna are protected. To discover all the treasures of this archipelago, hotels propose numerous excursions to the virgin forest, cruises between islands on dhonis, the traditional local fishing boats, or days devoted to deep sea diving in the company of specialists, in order to unravel the mysteries of the coral reefs and the occupants of the Indian Ocean.

A modern day Swiss family Robinson

The Huvafen Fushi is a five star hotel which rests engraved in the memories of those who have stayed here. It corresponds perfectly to our maddest dreams of escaping to the tropics. The 43 bungalows and houses rival each other for their charm and especially their luxury. Built on stilts directly on the beach, they each have private swimming pool. On the outside, the residences are typically tropical with thatched roofs, whereas the interiors have a very design décor. Some bungalows have a transparent floor which allows its inhabitants to observe the underwater world below. The Cube, with its large gate is isolated from the rest of the hotel, and the two Ocean pavilions are the jewels of the hotel, thanks to their important high tech equipment, private access to the beach, a discreet, helpful butler available round the clock and everything else necessary to make you feel like a very special, exceptional guest. Another luxury in this five star establishment, its spa, is unique in the world and equipped with an underwater massage room. You can therefore take advantage of the highest quality treatments in a fantastic setting, face to face with passing manta rays and trumpet fish. For those who prefer to remain in their comfortable cocoon, room service is available. Other guests can choose among several restaurants which serve both local and Mediterranean dishes. Not to be overlooked is the Vinum, the hotel’s wine cellar under the sand, which invites you to try its incredible selection of fine wines to accompany your meal or to attend a food and wine tasting session.

If you choose the Maldives, you must have a strong desire to be stranded on a desert island. You want the tiny islands of white sand to be yours alone, as well as the maître d’hôtel who serves your punch as you dip your feet into the water. Let’s be clear about his. The Huvafen Fushi will not disappoint you. Stick your toes into the temperate water of the lagoon, dine in incredible settings, and just when you think that nothing could possibly be better, you come across the first underwater spa in the world.” – Harper’s Bazaar travel guide

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Five stars / Managed by Per Aquum Resorts and Spas / Universal Resorts / Member Small Luxury Hotels of the World / Luxury / Beach / Villas / Boutique hotel / Design / Four restaurants / Private dining / Bar by the sea / Underwater spa / Outdoor infinity pool / Private yacht cruises / Numerous water sports

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

44 bungalows on land and over water


Double occupancy from 761 euros

Nearest airport:

Male Airport (MLE) - Male

Hotel details:


North Male Atoll

P.O. Box 2017


details about this country

Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 12 hours

Time difference from Paris:

+ 3 hours in summer / + 4 hours in winter


Equatorial climate with maritime influences

Two annual monsoon periods : in summer (May to November), with very heavy rain and in winter (November to March) with less rain but often accompanied by violent wind

Temperature between 26 and 34°C all year round

Average water temperature is 28°C

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

Passport valid six months after return date

30 day visa delivered on site free of charge

No vaccinations required


The rufiyaa (MVR)

Languages spoken:

Divehin, English

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+33 1 75 43 70 26 *Our reservation department is always happy to assist you via phone or via email. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 18pm (GMT +1).